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The purpose of Body Stress Release (BSR) is to assist in maintaining health. Areas of locked-in stress are located using the body itself as a biofeedback monitor. Precise stimulation by hand to these areas encourages and assists in releasing body stress. When such stress is released by the body, it is better able to heal and maintain itself. The BSR technique is gentle and does not use force as that could impose more stress. It is based on the view that healing comes from within. The length of time taken for the body to heal and the extent of healing varies from person to person. It depends on how long body stress has been stored in the body and other factors. For this reason the BSR practitioner cannot guarantee that the client’s expectations will be met. After three initial sessions of BSR most people experience sufficient benefit to have a sense of its effectiveness. In some cases additional sessions of BSR are required for clients to feel noticeable benefits. Despite the gentleness of BSR, clients may experience temporary sensitivity of varying degrees as part of the healing process.

Body Stress Release is a non-therapeutic complementary approach to health. That means it does not involve the diagnosis or treatment of any illness, condition or defect and it is not a substitute for any treatment of any kind, medical or otherwise. Nor should any statement made by a Body Stress Release practitioner be taken to mean or imply that they have performed any service provided by any other health profession.

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