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  • Are you looking for a change of career?

  • Do you have the desire to improve the health and well-being of others?

  • Do you have the confidence and empathy to relate to people from all walks of life?

  • Do you have the drive and ambition to set up and run your own business?

Becoming a Body Stress Release practitioner is a life-changing experience and offers a fulfilling, highly rewarding and satisfying career, as this technique not only enhances the well-being of others but also provides the practitioner with independence and a good income.

If you are interested in finding out more about how to train to become a Body Stress Release practitioner, with a mission to help change lives, please contact:

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This is a full-time course. The curriculum covers anatomy, principles and philosophy of Body Stress Release (BSR), the BSR technique - theory and practical, communication, client management and the BSR constitution. Class sizes are limited as a great deal of one-to-one teaching is provided. 

Training at the South African Academy takes place from the beginning of May to the end of September each year. The class hours are 9am to 1pm on three days, and 9am to 3pm on two days. The course lasts a total of 21 weeks including a three week apprenticeship which takes place in the final month. 


On passing examinations in anatomy, principles, technique theory, technique practical and client management, followed by successful completion of the apprenticeship programme, students graduate and are presented with a professional name plate and a Body Stress Release Academy Practitioner Certificate. Body Stress Release is a proprietary technique and as such is only taught by the Body Stress Release Academy and is not accredited by any state or other academic authority.


A word from Gail Meggersee:

“As one of the two co-founders of Body Stress Release, I have been training practitioners for the past 25 years at the Body Stress Release Academy in South Africa. The students, from 17 different countries, have represented a wide variety of backgrounds and ages. 

I appreciate the commitment they have shown in giving up successful positions in order to pursue a new career in Body Stress Release. It is a profoundly fulfilling experience for me, guiding the development of the students’ skill and knowledge, as well as seeing them undergoing a process of personal growth. My greatest satisfaction is in knowing that, as practitioners, they will make a powerful contribution to the upgrading of their clients’ health and well-being. 

"The opening of the Body Stress Release Academy Europe will fulfil a clear need for the training of more practitioners, as each year the South African Academy receives far more applications than it can accommodate. This will enable Body Stress Release health care to be available to more people, in more countries.”

Gail Meggersee

Bachelor of Arts, University Education Diploma, Doctor of Chiropractic.

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Interested in becoming a Body Stress Release Practitioner? 

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