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The BSR Associations in different countries oversee the practice of Body Stress Release and provide continuing educational workshops in their countries. All certified BSR practitioners are members of these Associations and are governed by their constitutions. This ensures that professional levels of practice are maintained with defined standards of conduct, practice and ethics and disciplinary powers vesting with these Associations.  

At present Body Stress Release is practiced in a number of countries around the world including South Africa, United Kingdom, Ireland, Holland, Belgium, Sweden, Switzerland, Germany, Iceland, New Zealand, Australia, Japan, Curacao, Canada and the U.S.A. The Executive Committee of the International Association oversees the various national associations.


The South African Body Stress Release Academy

The Academy is located at Rondevlei, a small village near the scenic lakes on the Garden Route in the Western Cape. Rondevlei is 6km from a major highway, the N2. The largest towns nearby are Knysna and George. George airport is a 35 minute drive from the Academy. 

The Academy is nestled against a hill, where the call of the Fish Eagle is often heard, and one of the five lakes in the Wilderness area can be viewed from the front lawn of the academy. It has two classrooms and a library of 1000 books. Leisure activities in the area include hiking, bird-watching and water sports on the sea, lakes and lagoons. Reasonably priced accommodation is available in local holiday cottages and guest suites.

The Academy faculty are Dr Gail Meggersee B.A. U.E.D. (SA) D.C. (USA), one of the founders of BSR, and Boetie Toerien B.A., M.B.A. (SA), the Chairperson of the Body Stress Release Association (SA) as well as two highly experienced South African Body Stress Release practitioners, Sandy Damant and Jeanette Gibbs. Mary Parker is also a newly appointed member of the facilitating team. The Body Stress Release Academy is overseen by an Executive Committee which controls the future development of Body Stress Release.

South African Academy: 




The European Body Stress Release Academy: 

The first training course at the BSR Academy Europe commenced in November 2014 at a beautiful venue just outside of Dorchester in Dorset, England.Dorchester has excellent train links into London and both Bournemouth and Bristol airports are within reasonable distance.

The course is residential with comfortable furnished accommodation located on site. Students have use of the swimming pool and tennis courts and there are many beautiful walks in the local woodlands and countryside. 
Dorchester is not far from the famous Jurassic Coast World Heritage Site. Leisure activities in the area including walking, cycling, clay pigeon shooting, horse riding and fishing. The course takes place from the beginning of November to the beginning of March each year with a two week break over the Christmas and New Year period.

They are Tracy Highton, Gwen MacPhail-Masureik, Chris Balaam, Erik Onderweegs and Kees Varkevisser.

European Academy:


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